A Don After Dusk

by Horus Gump

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My goal is to put in enough work to reach heights I never thought were possible. Through resiliency we find refinement, so I figure the harder I push, the longer I outlast the obstacles put before me, the quicker I reach my best form. My legacy will be everlasting even when the sun goes down on my set.


yeah, yeah im working
some things will never change
on everything
i never claimed to desire fame
but my name gotta ring
like bugle horns
like kings did
best you be warned
i mean this
recognize a blessing in disguise
these guys they really pies
got a sweet tooth for what be mine
like valentine i love the game
i double gains
like arnold out in cali
i put the hustle with muscle mane
i leave the lames to the tussling
nowadays niggas only trade loyalty for custom chains
and that there i aint accustomed to
my blood brother just like my crew
we stay with the pressure, you known we piping too
leave the diamonds for wifey, now she shine like a brietling
go get it, yeah i'm inciting you
inviting you to fly with the realest, my peers peep higher views
elevate when i legislate
never late
i swear God is great
meditate at the heavens gate
this a vibe you can't replace
this a high you wanna chase
this is amazing you cannot esacape
this is a-maze-and you cannot escape
no way

them niggas front but never back it up
we in the front, they in the back of us
working with the numbers like calculus
a don's name reigns even after dusk (x2)

you live and learn
you deal and burn
you steal and earn
best you discern
them niggas worms
you step, they squirm
fuck a term, im president of my present tense
every bar in prescribed, im never negligent
peddling while i peddle, like Harley i'm on the road
gotta stick to the script, i conjured my own code
they call me conscious but really i'm on go
you silly, utilities i keep 'em in my cargo
Tim the tool man
shark around the pool man
chakras got me glued in
im in the metro boomin
my surname be really like a jew man
free the god, you know we got the juice man


released March 25, 2020
produced by Jay B
artwork by Simo Haier


all rights reserved



Horus Gump Alabama

Illustrating the intricacies of life, Horus Gump is a southern rap artist who provokes thought through lyrical rhythms.

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